What is The Issue?

The Issue's an independent, subscriber-supported publication. In every Issue, 3-5 times per week, we bring you fresh thinking, world-class analysis, and deep insight into one of the Big Issues facing the world—the ones that matter most. We go deep, we keep it real, and we're here to help you think with razor-sharp clarity about the many challenges rocking our world, from politics to economics to climate change and beyond.

Who Started The Issue?

The Issue was founded by Umair Haque. He's a globally recognized authority on economics, who's been one of the world's top 50 thinkers, the author of several books and hundreds of articles, everywhere from Harvard Business Review to the Atlantic Monthly to the BBC and beyond.

What Do I Get if I Become a Member?

We believe that great analysis and fresh thinking about the world today shouldn't be behind a paywall. So we keep about 50% of our content free. If you become a paying subscriber, you get access to all our content, which includes every day's Issues, bonus features, and subscriber-only updates.

Who Else Makes the Issue Happen?

The Issue's Editors are Naqsh Haque and Jules Huntington-Smyth.

Are You Hiring?

Not yet. But stay in touch if you're interested!

How Do I Get in Touch With You?