About The Issue

The Issue is an independent, subscriber-supported publication launched in August 2023 by Umair Haque. If you subscribe today, you'll get full access to the website as well as email newsletters about new content. Your subscription makes this site possible, and allows The Issue to continue to exist. Thank you!

What's This All About?

3-5 times a week, in every Issue, we bring you deep insight, analysis, and fresh thinking about one of the world's Big Issues. This is a critical juncture in history. From climate change to political extremism to economic stagnation, challenge after challenge is rocking our world. Everyone deserves to understand these issues in depth. The way that big media too often doesn't, with false notions of balance, equivalence, and ankle-deep analysis. That's our job, and our mission: to help you make sense of the Issues that matter most.

Who's Behind the Issue?

The Issue's founder is Umair Haque. Umair's been one of the world's top 50 thinkers, has published several books through Harvard Business Press, been one of Harvard Business Review online's top authors for many years, helped run gigantic corporations, reluctantly been an evil hedge fund guy and a banker, loves disco, and is an award-winning, globally recognized expert in economics, innovation, leadership, and transformation.

Why The Issue?

Umair created the Issue for a simple reason. There are lots of Big Issues facing the world today—call them existential challenges, threats, megatrends, or just great transformations. Understanding, explaining, discussing them with clarity—it's become a job that big media doesn't do well enough anymore, as troubled as it is. Everyone deserves to understand the Big Issues  confronting us today, with rigorous thinking, deep analysis, and insight. If it feels like we're in many messes, as a civilization, as a world, that's because we are. The Issue's job is to help you understand, navigate, reflect on, know...the issues that matter most. Every day, we pick an Issue—from politics to economics to climate and beyond—and go deep, cutting to the heart, unravelling in approachable, fresh, real, and raw ways, so that you can understand it like an expert.

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