Our Manifesto

Here are a few things we believe.

The Issue's mission is simple.  We bring you deep insight and fresh thinking, 3-5 times a week, about one of the Big Issues. The ones that matter most. Why?

This is a critical juncture in history. Our world is being rocked by crisis after crisis. Democracy's declining. The climate's changing. Extremism's on the rise. Our economies aren't delivering. Pessimism's swept the globe. Institutions aren't trusted, systems are failing, and polities are shattering.

Everyone deserves to understand the Issues at stake in this age—this critical juncture in human history—with clarity, rigor, and reality. Not just fall prey to disinformation, misinformation, and false notions of balance. The stakes are too high for that.

Our mission is to help you understand the Issues that matter most. We keep it real, raw, and razor-sharp. Like an expert would. We're not here to play games. The Issues today are too big and urgent for that. Our goal is to take you one step closer to becoming you an expert—not just a passive consumer of news. Someone who understands The Issues that matter, with depth, resonance, and focus.

The news end of journalism covers the Big Issues well—sometimes. But the analysis end of news—op-ed pages, opinion sections—doesn't. Reading it, you'd get the impression that climate change might not exist, or that democracy's not in trouble, or that the future's not in question. That's not good enough.

The Issues that matter belong to all of us. They concern all of us. And we deserve better when it comes to them, than we're currently doing. It's up to each of us to understand them well—with a little help. That's our job at The Issue. Welcome.