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Global Political Trainwreck Open Thread

Global Political Trainwreck Open Thread

In Case You Missed It—Last Week's Articles:

  1. The Omega Point, When Collapse Becomes Irreversible, Where Our Civilization Is, and Rethinking How We Think About the Future
  2. The Biden Trump Debate, the Scripts and Rituals of Democratic Collapse, and Why Our Public Arena is So Corroded
  3. That Wasn’t a Debate—That Was a Disgrace to Democracy, Plus, The Rituals and Spectacles of Social Self-Destruction, and How CNN Blew It

Hey everyone,

How was your weekend? Still reeling from the Trump Biden debate? Join the club.

Here's a moment for you to dive in and connect with the group over the global political train wreck unfolding before us. New here? Welcome! Returning? Great to see you. 

Drop a hello, share your thoughts, vent, ask questions, or kick off a new conversation.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend—sending warm hugs from Snowy and me!

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