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Quick Notes: Why Trump's Fraud (Almost) Conviction Matters

Quick Notes: Why Trump's Fraud (Almost) Conviction Matters

By now, you've heard the news.

"Trump’s business empire could collapse ‘like falling dominoes’ after ruling"

Donald Trump’s real estate empire could collapse “like falling dominoes”, experts believe, following a New York judge’s ruling that the former president’s business fortune was built on rampant fraud and blatant lies.

According to Michael Cohen, his former attorney and fixer, Trump is already effectively “out of business” in New York after Judge Arthur Engoron on Tuesday rescinded the licenses of the Trump Organization and other companies owned by Trump and his adult sons, Eric and Don Jr.

The Guardian

So. Trump's one step closer to being convicted for fraud. Judge Engoron's found him "liable" for committing fraud, inflating his net worth and overstating the values of his various businesses and properties, which is a giant leap towards Trump losing the larger case against him in New York. What does all this mean?

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