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Weekly Open Thread and Digest

Weekly Open Thread and Digest

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In Case You Missed It—Last Week's Articles:

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  2. Why Democracy’s Side’s is Losing So Badly That We’re About to Lose Democracy, Why it Matters, And What to do About It
  3. The Election, Echoes of 1968, and How History’s Mistakes Repeat Themselves
  4. Our Civilization is Mortal, The Most Important Speech of the 21st Century, (Deep) Optimism and Pessimism, and Much More


How is everyone this week?

Here’s another space for us to chat and connect: Drop a hello, introduce yourself if you're new around here (welcome!), share what's on your mind, vent if you need to, ask me anything, pose questions to the group, reflect, muse, and evolve.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend—as always, sending a big hug from Snowy and me!

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