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How Painful Is It Watching the Democrats Lose?

How Painful Is It Watching the Democrats Lose?

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Hi! How’s everyone? I hope you’re all doing ridiculously well. Me? I’m sick as a dog, no pun intended, and so is Snowy. 

So in lieu of a post, which I’m not up to writing at the moment, I’m going to give you some links to chew on because, let’s face it, right about now, we’re all watching yet another one of my (our?) predictions come true. This one’s fairly recent, from just the last year and few months or so, which is that the Democrats are blowing it, and we’re about to see a startling Trump resurgence. Many of us said he’d pull swiftly ahead, because as we've discussed, things are dire out there, and people’s well-being is plummeting. But for some facepalm-inducing, rage-stroke-causing reason, the Democrats foolishly fail to admit it. So here are some links for you to review on this very topic:

  1. How to Prepare Yourself for a Trump Dictatorship
  2. Why America's Still Trapped by Trumpism
  3. Trump 2024 and American Collapse
  4. Is Biden Going to Lose the Election Because of Young People?
  5. Why Democracy’s Side’s is Losing So Badly That We’re About to Lose Democracy, Why it Matters, And What to do About It
  6. Why is Biden Losing to Trump? Plus, Leadership and Politics in an Age of Collapse, & What Democracy Needs to Do Now

So there's some food for thought. Fire off in the comments, and hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be better and we’ll discuss all this in much more detail!

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