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Weekly Open Thread and Digest

Weekly Open Thread and Digest

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In Case You Missed It—Last Week's Articles:

  1. The Despair of the World’s Brightest Minds, Why the World Isn’t Listening to Them, Why it Matters, Plus, What Failure’s Teaching Me and How it Feels
  2. Vision in the 21st Century, What Happens When Economies Create 99% Losers and 1% Winners, and The Promise of Something Better Than a World on Fire
  3. Liberalism’s Failing Because it Gave up on Liberation, The Words That Saved My Life, and How Systems Fail When Paradigms Don’t Shift

Hey everyone,

How was your weekend? Dive in and connect with the group. New here? Welcome! Returning? Great to see you.

Drop a hello, share your thoughts, vent, ask questions, or kick off a new conversation.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend—sending warm hugs from Snowy and me!

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